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Best Caprese Handbag Brand in India 2021

June 2, 2021
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Caprese was launched in 2012. Caprese is a new brand that is imported and marketed in India by the reputed VIP Industries.
The main reason to enter into this market was to fulfill the difference between the high-end luxurious products and less costly inferior excellent handbags.

The Caprese was motivated by way of a pristine little island off the Italian shores, Caprese’s world of trend truly displays the handbag design language of its muse: The Isle of Capri. A dream to create a new-fashioned of purses and addition to their appearance in this free-spirited culture. The Caprese Bags will be decorated via the latest city girls who display them tomorrow. Caprese’s plan is crafted as a fashion testimony to each girl who desires to announce her arrival in life.
Caprese is a luxurious brand
Caprese is positioned as a popular luxury brand in India and is these days one of the top brands in the female purses market.
What does Caprese stand for?
A salad contains slices of tomatoes and mozzarella basil, and olive oil or Italian dressing.

Caprese Spring-Summer 21 CF Women’s Sling Bag

Best Caprese Handbag Brand in India 2021
Best Caprese Bags

Faux leather material white colored sling bag24 centimeters height x 11 centimeters length x 23 centimeters width

Do not expose to extreme heat

Metal logo, single compartment, organizers

Top zip closure

Caprese branded lining, matching interior PU trims

Sophisticated Sling Bag for the Modern Caprese Girl

Sophisticated Sling Bag for the Modern Caprese Girl
Sophisticated Sling Bag for the Modern Caprese Girl​

Sophisticated Design
This fantastic white sling bag is designed with minimal and state-of-the-art aesthetics. It is adorned with sheen fairy charms and metallic branded lining, which enhances its stylish appeal. It is an ought to have trend accessory for the contemporary woman.

Interior Organisers
The stylish women’s sling bag elements a glossy sling strap, that provides cozy support. It is an everyday vital accessory, which helps in maintaining all your valuables effortlessly accessible. It helps in preserving your gadgets secured and organized.

Smooth Faux Leather Texture
This sling bag is manufactured with excessive grade faux leather-based material, which has excessive tensile strength. The long-lasting fabric presents a seamless layout with easily completed texture. The strap is made with the same fabric to grant sturdy hand support.

Best Caprese bag Brand in India 2021

Caprese Sabrina Womens Satchel (Black)
Caprese Sabrina Womens Satchel (Black)
Caprese Tokyo Women's Satchel
Caprese Tokyo Women's Satchel
Caprese Cate Satchel Large
Caprese Cate Satchel Large