Best Air Cooler 2020 in India

Absolutely, beating the heat is a top priority during the summer, and air coolers can be an effective and energy-efficient way to stay cool. Here are a few air cooler options, considering performance, price, and durability. Remember to check for the latest models and reviews before making a purchase:

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler:

  • Compact design suitable for personal use.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Symphony is known for energy-efficient coolers.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Portable Room Cooler:

  • Portable design for easy mobility.
  • Budget-friendly with good cooling efficiency.
  • Bajaj is a trusted brand in home appliances.

Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler:

  • Suitable for larger rooms with a desert cooler design.
  • Havells is known for quality products.
  • Offers features like a remote control for convenience.

Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Cooler:

  • Large water tank capacity for extended cooling.
  • Suitable for medium to large-sized rooms.
  • Crompton is a reputable brand in the market.

Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler:

  • Twin turbo technology for enhanced cooling.
  • 50-liter water tank capacity.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto+ CO-110 45-Litre Air Cooler:

    • Good balance between capacity and energy efficiency.
    • Trusted brand in the Indian market.
    • Suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Orient Electric Ultimo CD6501H 65-Litre Air Cooler:

  • High water tank capacity for longer cooling duration.
  • Features like remote control and honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Orient is known for reliable home appliances.

Remember to consider the size of the area you need to cool, energy efficiency, and any specific features you may require. Additionally, read user reviews to get a sense of the real-world performance and durability of the air cooler.

Which things to keep in your mind buying  Air Cooler?

  • AC Vs Air Cooler
  • Personal Cooler
  • Tower Cooler
  • Desert Cooler
  • Window Cooler
  • Maintenance
  • Best Sellers

How do I choose right air cooler basis tank capcity or room size Typical area Size

Typical area Sizesmall (150Sq.ft)Medium (300 Sq.ft)Large (600 Sq.ft)Extra Large (900 Sq.ft)
storage capacities15 litre25 litre40 litre55 litre
Recommended Cooler TypePersonalPersonalDesertDesert

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-litres Personal Air Cooler

Bajaj Frio 23-litres Personal Air Cooler (White) - for Medium Room

DuraMarine PUMP: Every Bajaj Air Cooler is equipped with a DuraMarine Pump, featuring enhanced insulation that safeguards the pump from moisture, thereby extending its lifespan. Now, enjoy an extended 2-YEAR WARRANTY* ON THE PUMP provided by Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

PRODUCT WARRANTY: 1 Year*. DuraMarine PUMP WARRANTY: 2 Years* by Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

ANTI-BACTERIAL HEXACOOL TECHNOLOGY PADS: Experience the assurance of hygiene with HEXACOOL TECHNOLOGY PADS, designed in a hexagonal pattern to resist bacteria and unpleasant odors, ensuring fresher and cleaner air. HEXACOOL TECHNOLOGY maximizes cooling efficiency while minimizing water consumption.

TURBO FAN TECHNOLOGY: Enjoy a fan-based cooling experience for improved air circulation, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere.

ADJUSTABLE AIR FLOW: Tailor your cooling experience with the 3-SPEED CONTROL, allowing you to adjust the air flow according to your preference. Experience convenience with the CASTOR WHEEL, facilitating 4-way easy movement.

4-WAY DEFLECTION FOR WIDE AIR SPREAD: Benefit from vertical auto-swing and 4-way swing deflection, ensuring maximum air spread and optimal cooling distribution.

CONSUMER SUPPORT: For any warranty or installation service, connect with Bajaj Consumer Care. *Terms and conditions apply.

Symphony Diet 12T Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home with Honeycomb Pad

Coverage Area: This high-performance air cooler is designed for rooms up to 12 square meters, ensuring optimal cooling under ideal conditions.

Clean Air with i-Pure Technology: Equipped with a multistage filter, the cooler effectively combats air pollution, eliminates odor-causing microorganisms, and addresses allergies, delivering fresh and clean air. For optimal cooling, it is recommended to keep doors and windows open.

High-Efficiency Cooling: Experience long-lasting cooling with the durable pump, high water retention capacity honeycomb pads, and a cool flow dispenser that evenly distributes water on all sides, ensuring a cool and refreshing summer.

Tank Capacity: With a 12-liter water tank and a convenient water level indicator, you can easily monitor and refill the tank as needed.

Powerful Blower: The high-speed blower ensures the instant delivery of cool air, providing comfort during the hot summer months.

Low Power Consumption: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, this room cooler consumes only approximately 170 watts of power. Additionally, it can be operated on inverters, offering worry-free cooling even during power cuts.

Easy-to-Use: The Diet 12T is a sleek, compact, and powerful cooler that effortlessly fits into low and tight spaces. Its ergonomic dial knobs make operation easy and provide an elegant aesthetic to enhance your cooling experience. Unwind comfortably this summer without concerns about high energy bills.