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Category: washing machine

LG washing machine 7kg fully automatic in India 2021

LG Front Load washing machines with 6 Motion Direct drive gives you different Wash Programs for effective wash quality.
For Different wash and differt type of cloth
LG Washing machine using smartly senses fabric types technology .The LG thins App and machine Wi-Fi option we can operate washing machine from anywhere. Allergy Care Feature removes up to 99.9% of germs from clothes and sterilizes bacteria.
Vibration less & noiseless performance ,without using belt and pulley for its operation due to Direct Drive technology with Silent Wash.

LG is smart Mchine,with the help of ThinQ app download you will get wahsing machine control on your smart phone.You can plan wash programs also update your machine by downloading new programme as per new needs and this also detect the error in case of problems
The auto restart facility gives you the best output of the washing machine due to power cut, It will start the washing machine program where it is stop, do not waste time, water, and energy .

The fuzzy logic tests for the extent of dust and grease, the quantity of cleaning soap and water to add, course of spin, and so on

Fully-automatic front load washing machine
Best wash quality, energy and water efficient
Capacity 7 kg
Suitable for families with 3to 4 members
Energy Rating 5 Star
Best in class efficiency
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product, 10 years on motor (T&C)
1200 RPM – higher spin speeds helps in faster drying
14 basic washing programs and can be downloaded multiple

Tough on Tough Stains

For giving proper care to the fabric while getting clothes clean, It has 6 motion direct drive technology that moves in multiple directions.

No Belt & Pulley Involved
LG Front load reduces the Noise, vibration & Wear and Tear because its motor is attached directly to the drum.

Germ-Free- Allergen-Free
lg front load disinfect bacteria, removes dust mites, pet & pollen allergen to provide extra care for elegant clothes.

Extra Care for Delicate Clothes. It sterilizes bacteria and removes dust mites, pet & pollen allergen from your clothes.

Operate from Anywhere
New LG front load has the technology of SmartThinQ wifi which enables machines to work from anywhere.

Save Time & Water
LG Font Load takes only 59 minutes for washing clothes which save both water and electricity. it provides a fast and clean wash.

Save Time & Money
Facing any problem related to your washing machine? Just connect it to the SmartThinQ app and know the problem. You can diagnose up to 86 errors.

Waterproof Touch Panel
Without drying of wet hands. it has a water proof touch panel with a seamless design.

Keep Settings Safe
For child safety, it has a disabled control panel with a Child Lock and keeps its settings safe.

Auto Restart
After power is off, your machine cycle will start exactly from the same cycle where it had stopped when the power is back.

Stainless Steel Drum
No plastic. No Bacteria. No Germs. It’s stainless steel. Still, No Rust. Only long life.

Best Washing Machine lg In India 2021

LG Electronics was established in 1958 .LG is a South Korean multinational company , headquartered located in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. According to new digital era ,company has good technological expertise and great manufacure of home appliances such as radios and TVs.

What LG stand for?
LG stands for Lucky GoldStar.

The article is about the washing machine lg in india.

LG comes with Smart Inverter and energy-saving technology that saves unused operation by efficiently controlling energy use.
Smart inverter Washing Machines handle energy consumption at an optimum level for required power.
Three Smart Motions combined with Turbodrum and Precise smart inverter control, the best way of washing and provides good performance
Lock all the keys to prevent settings from being changed by a child with Powerful Washing With Multi Water Flow.

Save to favorites for use at a later time with the program with additional options. for error occurs, you can use the LG App or make a phone call to the LG Service center.

LG’s Auto Pre Wash is the best option to clear stain-removal concerns. With one touch, stains are ready to be gone. Let your hands-free.

Smart Inverter Motor

Smart Inverter washing machines modify the energy consumption at the greatest level in accordance with the required power.

Long Motor Life

LG Washing machine comes with BMC Motor Protection, surrounding it completely. It has no dust, no insects, and no humidity.

Most Powerful Washing

The strong water stream of rotating drum & pulsator in the opposite direction, with Turbo drum, Make LG washing Machine is most powerful wash and removes the toughest dirt through

Save Time & Money

SmartThinQ app helps the user with any problem with your washing machine?

It's Durable. It's Rust Proof.

It’s not plastic. So, no Bacteria. No Germs. It’s stainless steel. No Rust. Only long life.

Hygienic Washing

Hygienic Washing is one of the main factors nowadays, machine structure assure that tub won’t ever smell unpleasant. Tub Clean properly sterilizes both, inner and outer tub.

Start from where it stopped

If power is gone? and when the power is back., the machine cycle will start exactly from the same cycle where it had stopped

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